You don't always need to have a plan.
Sometimes you just need to breath, paint and see where the colors take you.

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Do you put yourself first?

Just a few minutes a day?

I know you are super busy with work, laundry, picking up toys, cooking and cleaning. But when was the last time you actually took time just for you? Not hours and hours, just 20 min. Just you.

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Are you ready to become a better you?

You only need to give yourself 20min

You might consider yoga or meditation when thinking about inner peace. But you can actually get a lot of the same benefits by picking up a brush (and then you even get to create beautiful things as well!). 

Painting actually make you calmer, more present and aware so you can be better woman, mom and wife.

It's actually super easy to get started, and I would love to help.

Five flowers in watercolor and ink

Learn all about how to paint wonderful flowers and make it part of your daily creative habit. All from the comfort of your home.

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From time to time I host workshops (mostly in Denmark). So if you want to join one of those, make sure to go here to see if there is some coming up.

"This course brought me back to painting again.

I had been blocked for months, in part because I felt everything I did had to be "perfect." 

Your class reminded me that a painting can be simple yet beautiful and to take joy in the process not just the finished result."

Carolyn P.

Hi! I'm Camilla!

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I am so thrilled that you are here! I am the woman behind the brush and the teacher behind the courses and the upcoming book.

I live far out in the country with hubby, 2 sweet kids and the funniest and most crazy cats.


A few years back I made the decision to move from the busy Copenhagen and go back to my hometown in the country. 

Everybody is taking it slower and I never looked back.

Somehow watercolor found me along the way and has been my guide through stress, tough pregnancies, unemployment, and more.

Watercolor and nature is the way I turn to recharge and fill up on energy, and I want to help you do the same - it's wonderful!

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Would you like to try for free?

Just to see what the fuzz is about?

Then I actually have a class teaching you all the basics you need to know about loose watercolor and it's free!


Subscribe for inspiration, classes and workshops to build your artistic skill and start painting from your heart.

Keep in touch

I would love to hear from you!

An idea, a request or do you just want to share and aha moment? Everything goes! 

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