Imagine if you could go and learn cool stuff like:

Loose watercolor florals that would impress 

Flowers in watercolor and Ink

All from the comfort of your sofa. (And yes you can totally eat popcorn and sip tea while you watch.)

  • watercolor Sweetpeas for beginners.jpeg

    Planting the first seeds in your floral artjourney?

    Then this is the perfect place to start! Click the link to get to all the ressources and courses aimed straight at you.

  • Learn loose watercolor florals

    Dig deep into Loose Watercolor Florals

    If you want to get your hands dirty and really dive into Loose Florals head here for plenty of inspiration and courses.

  • Flowers in Line and Wash

    If you want to be able to create stunning florals in just a few minutes, add florals to your bujo or doodles or just have some fun sketching on the go - then this style is perfect for you.

watercolor and whimsy by camilla damsbo

Share your work with other students

And join an amazing and supportive community of likeminded artists. 

What Brushes do you Use?

You might ask.

I gathered up all my supplies and put them in a neat list for you. But if you have something else than me please know that you can totally make amazing art without purchasing my exact supplies! No worries guys!