Learn online

Imagine if you could go and learn cool stuff like

Loose watercolor florals that would impress 

Flowers in watercolor and Ink

Quick and stunnig abstract Landscapes

All from the comfort of your sofa. And yes you can totally eat popcorn and sip tea while you watch.


Camillas Art School


This is my very own school and I would love to have you as a student.

In the school you'll find a bunch of classes about florals and landscapes.

And almost every month I'll make a special bundle of courses available at a great price. You dont want to miss that!


There is another way to watch a lot of my classes. You can head to Skillshare where I teach more than 16(!) classes.

Skillshare gives you just that. It's like Netflix but instead of reality and sitcoms you get to learn stuff! So cool!

You can find my classes and +1000s of others and you can even do it for free for 2 weeks with this link (so now there is no excuse).