7 Facebook groups for aspiring watercolor artists

August 9, 2018


There are a lot of groups on Facebook about watercolors and it's easy to get lost if you try to search around. I did the hard work for you and found 7 groups that are super active, inspiring and great for aspiring Watercolor artists.


Often you have to answer a couple of questions from the group host before you can join the group. That way he or she can see if you would make a good fit (and check that you are not some kind of robot). 



Watercolor beginners and enthusiasts
30K members
Hosted by Christystudios

If you only want to join one group, this should definitely be it. The members are a good mix of beginners and experienced artists and the group is great at giving each other positive feedback and answering all sorts of questions about techniques, materials and even about marketing, printing and selling art. 



Watercolor tribe
1200 members
Hosted by Megan Jones

This group Is fairly new but it’s still a great source for feedback on your art. She also hosts monthly challenges and even a give away from time to time. 



Watercolor painting for beginners
8000 members
Hosted by The Artmother


This group is for beginners - both the absolute beginners and the intermediate artists - and it's created to give feedback to aspiring artists. She goes a long way to support the group with tutorials and weekly feedbacksessions.


Happiness is watercolor

Members: 2100

Hosted by Donna Leclair-Brisson


A group for everybody who wants to explore watercolor. She posts tutorials, reviews, challenges and prompts.



Watercolor techniques and tips

Members: 10.000

Hosted by 6 members (Marietta Coney, Keith Lillie, Pete Batho, charles Cherry, Jody Sones and Julie Horner)


A group that does what the title says. So if you want to learn some cool new techniques, this is the place to go.



Learn Modern Watercolor
3000 members
Hosted by Zakkiya Hamza of Inkstruck Studio


Zakkiya is a fulltime blogger about watercolors and she really know her stuff. She created this group for beginners who want to share ideas and learn watercolor. 

Skillshare free classes

7700 Members

Hosted by Niel Shearing


This group is different than the others above. This is a group where Skillshare teachers post free links to their classes. There are a lot of great classes on watercolor so it's a nice way to give it a try.


I teach watercolor on Skillshare too and if you use this link, you get two FREE months of premium membership. You can see my classes here.



There are of course a ton of other Facebookgroups out there both on this topic, other artforms and the whole business part of being an artist. But we all have to start somewhere, and why not by learning from each other right?




"The Expert in anything was ones a beginner"


by Helen Hayes 

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