Do you also hide your Liquid Watercolors in the closet?

July 28, 2018


When I first got my liquid Ecolines from Royal Talens I had them stored in my closet for quite a while. It took me several months to take them out and trying to figure out how to use them with my regular pans.


I went to the great land of Youtube to find the answer, but besides from a couple of reviews of the paints I could'nt seem to find anything. That's when I realized that there might be Skillshare class in this subject. 


I've therefore done a class about this topic, covering all the basic techniques while looking at differences between those and the pans. And since I'm not that found of a lot of technique I use a lot of examples.

  • A galaxy with focus on wet on wet technique

  • A loose floral arrangement for training transparency

  • A couple of Koi fish for the final Class projects 

You can see the trailer here:



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