Learn loose watercolor florals

Learn to paint impressive

Loose Florals

Here you will find small projects covering just a single flower as well as bigger self paced courses.

Self Paced Courses

Do you feel like drawing a flower or two - like right now? Then I've got you covered. These courses are all self paced and you get access to everything the second you purchase it.

So now there is no excuses - like - at all.

Learn to paint Loose Watercolor

In this FREE class you will learn the tricks I use when painting Loose Watercolor as well as how to use it as a Visual Language.

Loose Florals Masterclass

Take your skills to new level with this class that guides you to combine 5 flowers in a stunning Bouquet.

Learn to paint Loose florals one at a time

Do you want to just jump out on deep water and just get started painting? Then these small floral projects are perfect for you. Here you get narrated realtime video as well as a list of suggested materials so you are ready to go.

Even more inspiration

I created a plentitude of inspiration for you really get you going with Loose Florals. You can check some of them out here and just go and explore.

Videos from Youtube

In here you can find Timelapses, videos where you can learn cool techniques to perfect you flowers and even realtime videos if dig a bit. You can find the enture Youtubechannel HERE.


At times where I need a bit of quite time away from the camera I write blogposts instead. So here you can find a lot of gold that  is writen as answers to questions I get out there in the social media world (which totally just means Insta and Facebook).