Here you will find my flowers. They are all painted in watercolor and all with a love and passion for nature and the garden.

I'm available for licensing, commisions and collaborations so don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at if you are interested in my work.

Flowy Blooms

These light and graceful blooms are inspired by spring and happy days in the garden.

Dark and Stormy

My Dark and Stormy paintings are dramatic, modern and filled with raw energy and motion. They are inspired by classical music and painted in the late hours of the night.

Bright Summer Posy

Summer is all about happy days and a plentitude of colors in the shops, gardens and streets. These posies show the love of color and the elegance of a beautifully bound bouquet.

Filled with energy

Flowers can be so many things and these are all about drama and energy. The colors are deep and warm, the background is in motion and the feeling is intense.

Whimsical and light

These beauties are painted in watercolor and drawn with pencil to give them a soft and subtle look. 

Just Poppies

Some days we just need Poppies. This might be that day.

Cascading Florals

Abstract, bright and modern florals inspired by colorful cascading bouquets.

End of Summer

The end of Summer when nature really want to turn up the volume and give us all that final show of color.

My floral Portfolio