5 Skillshare Classes on basic Watercolor

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Do you want to learn to mix colors, control your brushes or just figure out the difference between wet on wet and wet on dry? Skillshare got you covered. So let's start with the very basic.

(All links in the post is for 2 Free months of Skillshare so you can try the classes today!)

Jessica Sanders

One of my favourite teachers is Jessica. She has a unique style and makes it look so easy to create everything from fruit to faces. Her Watercolor Basics series covers Water control, mixing and more so this is a great place to start.

Yasmina Creates

This is where I began my watercolor journey on Skillshare - right here with Jasmina. She has such a fun and relaxed way of teaching and she really helps you create magic! If you don't know her - you should!

Ana Victoria Calderon

This girl is a top teacher and there is a good reason for that! Her classes are very in depth, creative and colorful. I learnt so much from her when I first started and still do.

Olga Bonitas

Do you ever dream of painting the cutes and most fluffy animals ever? Olga is your (wo)man! She is amazingly talented and uses such a cool wet on wet technique to create fluff <3 I absolutely adore her classes!

Katie Rodgers

In watercolor there is so much more than just beautiful wet washes. Texture is the key to creating interesting pieces and Katie is amazig at this. With her class on painting shoes she shows you how to create leather and Suede and it's just <3

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