9 Tips to overcome a Creative Block

Do you know this feeling? You finally have the time, you've put out all your painting stuff and you are READY! You sit down, grab your brush and then you stare. You give that white paper a real good stare while you realize you have no idea what to paint.

I know this feeling way too good. I know that it comes when I'm being sick or if I scroll to much through social media looking at everybodies stunning artwork. My worst enemy though is Stress. When I dont have the time or headspace I need I totally stop.

So what can we do about this?

There is quite a lot we can do actually. I made a class all about this and you can find that HERE.

But I want to give you an overview here as well. There is 9 important tips here (but there is plenty more these are just my 9 go tos.

  1. Ask yourself WHY. Why are you creatively blocked and is there anything obvious wrong that you can quickly fix?

  2. Take a break and go for a walk. This one might just be the most effective of them all. It's simple. Take a Break!

  3. Disrupt your workspace. Try doing something different. Sit on the floor, the table, in a different room or maybe go outside.

  4. Trip down memorylane. Take a look at your old work. It's super fun and you can draw out some great inspiration for motives, techniques, colors or something else.

  5. Markmaking. Just put paint to paper with random marks. Have fun and just observe how the paint mix on the paper.

  6. Grab a new brush. And doesnt have to be a brush. Anything new really (or old that you have'nt used for a long time.) Just experiment and see what you can do with this new brush, paint or paper. How far can you strech it?

  7. Mix it up. It's time to get out the big guns. We are talking fineliners, pencils and pens of all sorts. Try digging out your creative stash and have some Mixed Media Fun.

  8. Paint and repeat. Try choosing a subject. It can be anything really. Shoes, leaves, a specific flower. And then just paint that. 1, 2, 3, 4 times. Really as many times as it takes for this motive to become part of your creative memory.

  9. Go Abstract. Now this one is fun! With all you learned in a fresh memory try to paint something abstract. It's super fun. Dont think too much about the final project but see it more like an experiment.

If you try out this technique you will learn something new about yourself and hopefully this will get you the kick you need to get out of that creative rud you are in.

There are 2 ways to find the entire class:

Camilla Damsbo Art - If you want to check out the entire class you can find it there

Skillshare - Find the class with this link (it gives you 2 free months of Skillshare Goodness)

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