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Updated: Feb 23

Meet the beautiful and talented artist Irina Trzaskos. Her art is so soft and sweet and she is incredibly generous in sharing her love and knowledge about watercolor. Therefore she is actually a top teacher on Skillshare! Quite impressive! And I watched a lot of her classes and they are great guys!

How long have you been painting?

I've been painting and drawing since I can remember. I have an older brother and he was going to art school, so I had access to his art supplies. Seeing him painting motivated and inspired me to try it, too. I was about 4 years old when I discovered his watercolor set and decided to add water to the dry paints - seeing the splash of color was so exciting.

Why did you start?

Artwork by Irina from 2015

I believe that creativity is a part of human nature and it is natural for us to be creative in different ways. I chose visual arts and I can't imagine how my childhood and life would look without creativity. I started painting because I was drawn to art and I was excited to try it myself.

What to you is the best about painting and creating art?

The best part about creativity is the magic of making something that didn't exist before.

A blank piece of paper turns into artwork because of the creative power within us.

I find it fascinating and it is a powerful feeling. Also, I enjoy the process of creating art so much, nothing compares with diving into the painting process and forgetting about time and space. 

This Stunning Peony is one of her recent works!

Advice or great ressources for beginners?

The main advice is to practice a lot, all the theory in the world can't substitute the practice of painting. Also, it is more fun to paint in a community, online or offline. Find like-minded creative friends, by interacting on social media, classes, and workshops. Also,  I think it is important to trust your curiosity, to take different directions, try new materials and themes. The main resource I can recommend at the moment is the learning platform, I wish I knew about it when I decided to become a full-time artist in 2012.  With constantly renewing content, teaching artists from all over the world, and a huge variety of creative projects to practice, it is a fountainhead of fresh and useful art classes. 

Do you want to know more? Then find Irina on Instagram or on Skillshare (if you use this link you will get 2 free month of Skillshare goodness). Her newest class is a 100day project with 100 projects for you to try! It's absolutely amazing!

Join me in showing that #weareallbeginners

If you want to put the focus on the process of our creative journey instead of an end product then please check out the rules and prizes HERE

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