The importance of a practice Piece

Updated: Feb 22

So you just paint and paint. Loving the proces and not caring to much about what people think. Then suddenly someone comes up to you and ask you to paint them something.

That is at the same time the biggest flatter you can ever get and the biggest fear for many. Because this means that someone trusts your talent so much that they would love you to paint them something to hang in their home but it also means that the pressure is on. Especially if this is your first time.

In this blogpost I just wanted to give you a tip that has helped me enormously with these tasks -Painting practice pieces!

If you want to see the painting proces you can find it HERE

The importance of a practice piece

When you start out with a subject for the first time it can be both daunting and a little hard to figure out where to start. How do I translate this beautiful but very detailed Wisteria into a loose and light painting? When you sit with that thought imprinted in your mind and the blank paper in front of you it somehow get's super hard. Why is it so hard!?

That's because the pressure is on from yourself to create something stunning right away. And no one can do that. So let yourself breath a little and do practice pieces first.

How do you go about this?

Try out the composition on paper first and then try out different color combos. Just have fun with it and avoid details. Try drawing the flower as you see it. How many petals are there? Do they overlap? How do they attach to the stem? How do the leaves look? Draw all of these observations before getting out your brushes.

Aaaaand now grab your brush

Now its time to get out your watercolor, paper and your brushes. But allow yourself to experiment. Give yourself permission to try out the composition once or twice without worrying too much about the final result. The Wisterias you see here are from a practice Piece and as I said before you can find that painting in realtime HERE but you can also see a timelapse right here:

After doing this practice piece I painted two painting of Wisterias that I really loved. You can see them right here:

And the customer loved them as well so that was a win :)

I hope you found this tip helpful and you are more than welcome to check out the relatime video where I discuss this in a lot more detail. You can find it HERE

Have a beautiful and creative day


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