We are all Beginners - Artist: Camilla Damsbo Brix

Updated: Feb 23

In honour of the World watercolor Month I wanted to dedicate July to someone really special. All the amazing watercolor beginners out there! I want to show you that we are all beginners, we are just in different places on our creative journey.

That's why I want to introduce you to some artists this month to show you their path. And in todays blogpost you can meet me.

How long have you been painting?

As so many others I started drawing and Painting as a kid. I loved it. I did a lot of pretty realistic work especially in pencil. It was when my God Mother took me under her wing and showed me Watercolors that I realised this was something special.

Even though I started really early the same thing happend to me as to so many others. Life happend. I continued my pencil sketching on/off in Highschool and actually continued my creative path and went to a school learning to be a multimediadesigner. But then self doubt hit. I was'nt sure if I could ever create work that people would purchase. So many others were better than me.

So I stopped.

And then I went to university, traveled and got a job. Like you're supposed to do.

And my job was good, but something was'nt right. So after a few years of exciting work and good colleagues I could'nt do it anymore and went down with stress.

My newest piece next to a 4 year old one

Why did you start creating?

And that is actually where my journey started again in 2016. Because at the deepest deep I found a box under my sofa filled with my old drawings, paintings and art supplies. I took home all the books I could find on Watercolor and started a fresh. I was hooked. I'm proud to say that Watercolor saved me from the stress and helped me back to the world. After that I got pregnant, quit my job to be closer to my family and slowly found out that watercolor meant too much to just put aside for a rainy day. Then I started teaching and I love it.

What is the best thing about creating art?

I love that when I paint I forget everything for a while. It's like an quiet meditation. And this meditation teaches me so much. My art practice really helps me to be present and experience my surroundings and the nature that is such a big inspiration to me.

Advice or great resources for beginners?

My biggest advice to new watercolorist is to embrace the journey you are on. Please if you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and feel self doubt then put your phone down. Dont compare yourself to anyone but yourself.

That's is why I created the #weareallbeginners challenge and you can read more about that HERE.
Also if you want to learn more skills and watercolortechniques make sure to check out my new Beginner Masterclass HERE.
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