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Updated: Feb 23

Angela Fehr

I'm so honoured to present todays artist: Angela Fehr(!) Yes it is such a scoop I know! She is one of the best (in my oppinopn) when it comes to loose and heartled Painting. I'm so scared of this womans talent that my stomach hurt a bit when I wrote her. But she accepted! And here she talks a bit about how she began and even shows us one of her first and one of her latest works.

How long have you been painting?

I took my first watercolor class when I was eighteen years old. That's twenty-five years ago! I'm thankful every day for that first workshop that kicked off my love for watercolor.

Why did you start?

I always knew I wanted to make art, and as a teen, I lived in a remote region of Papua New Guinea. I planned that when I moved back to Canada, I would take art classes, because I was frustrated by my lack of skill, and watercolor was the first class that was available.

One of Angelas earlier works

What to you is the best about painting and creating art?

In painting, I learned that I don't have to please anyone but myself. All of my other roles in family, friendship and business, I seek to put others first, but in making art, I have a special place to go where I can just be alone and be myself most fully. It recharges me so I have more to give in the rest of my life.

Patchwork Floral is one of her later works

Advice or great resources for beginners?

My number one piece of advice is not to let guilt, self-criticism or shame creep into your creative practice. It's okay to make mistakes, it's okay to be a beginner!

"If you can look for something to love about every painting you create, you can stay motivated through the learning cycle of struggle/breakthrough/strugle and you will develop skill as you go"

And I have tons of great free resources for all levels of watercolor artists at

Thank you a ton to Angela for her words. I look up to Angela and her style so it's really comforting to know that it has been 25 years in the making! Check out her website and also her Youtube! There is a lot of great videos!

Remember you can also find ressources for beginners here:

Beginner Masterclass

Rules and prizes for the contest #weareallbeginners

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