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Updated: Feb 23

On todays Artist spot you'll meet the amazingly talented Isa Down. Her Watercolor an Ink flowers are so easy to spot when you scroll through instagram. You just know it's her. And when she is'nt drawing flowers she is teaching them and she even has a stunning book coming out!

But even this girl started somewhere. And I asked her how she began.

The fab Isa Down

How long have you been painting?

I drew my first flower in the spring of 2017, and have been drawing and painting them for three years now. I have dabbled with drawing here and there my whole life but never thought I was good at it, and never thought I could make a career out of it! It never crossed my mind.

Why did you start?

I needed a way to relieve stress, and my creative outlet at that time (writing) had turned into a job, so I needed something that was solely for the joy of creating with no pressure attached to it... And I found my florals.

Her first Flower

What to you is the best about painting and creating art?

That I can create so many versions of what everyone can see, and they're all uniquely my own.

Advice or great resources for beginners?

Don't copy other artists! Yes, learn from them. Learn techniques, absorb their joy around painting. But do not copy them or their styles -- not only is this a big copyright issue, but it is also not going to serve you well in the long run.

Create for joy, for integrating what you learn, and for finding your own voice and style.
One of her recent paintings (!)

You will not get ahead by copying another artist, because their source of inspiration is internal, and yours is external (aka, it's them!). If you do copy other artists (which we all do in the beginning!), do so to learn, not to monetize. Otherwise, just keep creating.

Find Isa on INSTAGRAM where you see all her Beautiful flowers. And keep an eye open for her book. I know I'll put it on my christmas list this year.

Thank you to Isa Down for telling us about your progess.

Join me in showing that #weareallbeginners

If you want to join me (and I would absolutely love that!) Then follow THIS LINK. It will take you to the rules and the prizes

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