A lot of beginners get anxious when comparing themself to other artists. That is just not fair when we are all in different places. That's why I dedicated July to show that we are all beginners! Did you just start painting during the Pandemic? Or did you paint for years on end? Then you are on an artistic journey and how amazing is that! We are all on a journey it's just different where in our journey we are. So let's start a movement to encourage all the amazing beginners out there.

And how do you get in on this movement?

Well there is a contest and a hashtag, so let's start there

The rules are simple:

  1. Make 1 post on Instagram showing 2 images. 1 from when you started and one of your newest work

  2. Write in the caption how long you painted

  3. Use the #weareallbeginners hashtag and tag me to make sure I see it

  4. You get a bonuspoint if you have taken my Beginner Masterclass (but you dont have to)

How do you create an Instagram post with 2 images?

The Layout App

The first one is using the app in Instagram called Layout. You might already have it installed. But if not you can find it HERE (iphone) and HERE (Android). It's super easy to use and you dont have to leave Instagram to use it.

  1. Well first you find the two artworks you want to show and take a picture with your phone

  2. Then you head to Instagram and push the + sign to create a new post

  3. Then you press the Layout button and just choose the two images you just took and combine them.

Just Slide

The second one is even easier. Here you just use what is already in Instagram, the possibility to upload more than one image in a post and just swiping through them.

  1. Again you will need to photograph the two pieces of art you want to show

  2. Then push the + sign to create a new post

  3. Press the sign with the two boxes on top of eachother

  4. Now you just choose the two images and you are all set to write your caption

I hope this cleared up any doubt you had on the technical side. Now you just need to go through your drawers and find some art.

Oh and prizes!

Did I mention you can win stuff? Well you can!

You can win a Dotcard from Daniel Smith, 2 round Synthetic Brushes, an artpiece by yours truly and a free year of the Artsy Membership on Camilla Damsbo Art School.

This is a crazy prize! So hurry up and get your art and phones out an get posting. I will find a winner on August 1st.

The Masterclass for Beginners

If you are interested I have a class that just launched. It's a masterclass for beginners and you can find it HERE.

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