Floral Inktober 2021

This October will be grand - I have to tell you! 

Because this October we will take the ultimate challenge together - 31 floral sketches in 31 days. 

We will start with a WARM UP BOOTCAMP from sept. 22nd to the 24th. Here you'll learn everything you need to get all set for the big month. It's in a closed Facebook group and it's all free(!)

I know that creating everyday can seem like an extreme challenge, and it really is. But the advantages are so great that you have to try.

Among a few things, this will 

  • Make your confidence grow through the roof

  • Give you the tools to keep your creative space for a long long time to come

  • Give you the sensation of meditation without taking the time to meditate

So there is no reason at all why you shouldn't do this.

floral inktober promptlist.png