What kind of Brush do you use?

Is a question I get quite a lot. That's why I wanted to make it easy and clicklable for you.

You for your information I'm an affiliate for Amazon and Betty Hayways so if you purchase through my links you actually support me as well as get new supplies - win win!


  • Round Synthetic brushes (that act like natural hair) from Betty Hayways. I use sizes 4-12.

  • You can find them Here.

  • Round Synthetic Brushes from Zytang Art

  • Round Natural Hair Brush size 8 from Da Vinci - Maestro 



Drawing things


Bruynzeel Pencils

Eraser from Faber Castell

Other Cool Artsy stuff

Cheramics Palette

Water Mist Spray

Metal Artist Watercolor Box 

Empty Pans for Tube Paints

Masking Fluid